K. Natalia Granger

Nat joined the team at Rave Psychiatry in December 2019. She has worked in the mental health field since 2014, when she graduated with her MSW from Columbia University School of Social Work. Her work experiences include MHA-NYC (now Vibrant Health), St. Vincent’s Hospital of Westchester, and the Institute for Family Health. Nat lives in Schenectady, NY with her wife, two children ages 11 and 6, and four cats. Nat works full-time as a nephrology social worker in addition to practicing through Rave.

Passionate about evidence-based practice, Nat has completed SIFI Certification (Fordham University, 2017-2018), Comprehensive Training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Behavioral Tech Inc., 2016-2017), a Mini Fellowship in Aging Populations (Stanford University Medical School, 2015), specialized training in substance abuse counseling (CCMS Inc. 2013-2015), specialized training in Mental Health with Aging Populations (Boston University, 2013-2014), and Guided Autobiography Instructor Certification (The Birren Center for Autobiographical Studies 2011-2012). She has written several books including A Trip to Dr. Fielgude: An Out-Loud Text Adventure Game (2015), Therapy Helper: Pocket Mood Tracker & Crisis Guide(2016), and Instant! Autobiography: A Step-by-Step Guide to Starting The Best Memoir (2017).